Graduated at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute Anouk has always known she wanted to capture fleeting beauty’, She made the leap from branding and fashion styling to photography. In that short time frame she has managed to carve out a niche all her own, working for both commercial and editorial clients. If she isn’t shooting in her very own studio in the heart of Amsterdam or on location, she travels the world. It’s her wandering spirit and keen eye for colours, textures and light that transcends the viewer. As if you’re stepping into a far-flung world for just that split second. Often times she edits her work in a way it becomes a collage – nature next to art, a captivating face. Creating a flowing rhythm within the realm of the visual. Her work has been described as both contemporary and minimalist as well as portraying a soft, dormant sensuality. It’s all about a sense of relaxed and timeless elegance.

Clients include L’Officiel Mexico | Rika Studios | Rika Studios Paper | Harper’s Bazaar NL | Denham | Salle Privée | Wandler | Auverture | Somewhere Magazine