Edith ten Kate x Rika Studios

Rika Studios
Edith ten Kate


The Unfinished Story

Today we are telling a story of an artist that needs to be heard.
EDITH TEN KATE was a Dutch artist who lived in South Africa and The Netherlands. We were impressed by the interplay of lines, abstract forms and architectural quality of the work.
Although some of the pieces are not immediately understandable, we were touched by the shapes and we became curious about her story. Edith ten Kate did not have an easy life but nevertheless this she created the most beautiful things. It is personal and she speaks her own language within her art.

The concept fits in seamlessly with RIKA STUDIOS. Founder Ulrika looks at women as muses and celebrates fearless, strong women in creative industries.

Two of Etk’s bronzes can be seen in Amsterdam: “Human Unity/The Lovers” in Amstedam-noord at the corner of Schoorlstraat and Werengouw, and “The Flame” on the side of the OLVG West Hospital.


Photographed by: ANOUK HART STUDIO

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